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SEE IT ALL, FEEL IT ALL, LIVE IT ALL. A numb life is not a life worth living. Why settle for a half life? “GOOD ENOUGH” IS NOT ENOUGH...IT CAN BE BETTER! Evolve is about committing to a life lived full on. It’s about not numbing out or backing down when life gets hard. And it’s about finding your way to do that when it comes to alcohol. Evolve is about women who want to redefine their relationship to alcohol, are clear that there is a problem and are willing to do what it takes to fix it…


Caitlin is a the voice of the future when it comes to women's relationships to their bodies, their lives, and their food. Her work is more than about being alcohol "free." It's about being free. Period.

Kristen Domingue, Personal Brand Development Expert

Caitlin's way of working with people is unique because she meets people where they are in their journey to become healthier. She doesn't have any judgments about where people are or where they should be. She has a strong, authentic intention to help her clients in ways that suit who they truly are.

Jina Schaefer, www.thehealthyhappytruth.com