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SEE IT ALL, FEEL IT ALL, LIVE IT ALL. A numb life is not a life worth living. Why settle for a half life? “GOOD ENOUGH” IS NOT ENOUGH...IT CAN BE BETTER! Evolve is about committing to a life lived full on. It’s about not numbing out or backing down when life gets hard. And it’s about finding your way to do that when it comes to alcohol. Evolve is about women who want to redefine their relationship to alcohol, are clear that there is a problem and are willing to do what it takes to fix it…


Caitlin adds her deep expertise as a nutrition and life-coach to the approach, giving her clients thoughtful tips, recipes and strategies for managing their drinking as well as healthy living and emotional well-being.

Joya Banerjee, Be the Change Group Inc.

As a successful woman living in New York City, I often struggle with balancing my alcohol intake with my demanding career and goals for healthy living and weight loss. The inevitable aftermath for me is a terrible hangover, an unproductive workday, and, frequently, making bad decisions about my love life that I wouldn't have made if I had been sober.

Caitlin's program is such a breath of fresh air. It's a fun, creative and informative approach that helps you plan your evenings in advance. Most of all I appreciate the fact that Caitlin's been through this herself, and she's realistic and thoughtful about what she recommends to her clients. It's not a blanket approach for everyone- it's something that takes into account every woman's personal journey and aspirations.

Anonymous, New York City, USA